Easy to forget what a massive difference you’re making to people!

Housing Officer
The adviser I met with was so understanding and non-judgemental. We looked at our income and out goings and I was given some advice to talk through with my partner. What I really appreciated was the offer of a catch up in 6 months time to see where things were at and if we needed anymore support.

Knowing that there was someone on my side, showing me that things would be OK, took away a lot of my anxiety. Since then we have moved forward and continue to do so.

I appreciate your help so much I don’t think you realise how much this has already made a difference, even to my health because of the constant worry and not thinking I had any options , along with being unable to work. So thank you again

On the client being told that the Debt Relief Order was successfully completed:

That’s great news, thank you.
Good day.
I don’t even know how to thank you for so much help. My life has become calmer and I can finally breathe. Thank you very much again.