Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-06-05T17:04:00+01:00

Please find below answers to common questions that people ask us. If you need help please get in touch.

Your debts won’t go away if you do nothing, so we urge you to seek help as soon as possible.

What is HAMA?2018-06-05T17:05:55+01:00

Huntingdon Area Money Advice, usually known by its acronym HAMA is a debt advice service for anyone with money problems. As our logo says we provide free and confidential debt advice.

Are your facilities suitable for disabled people?2018-07-26T15:45:14+01:00

We can, with notice, find a ground floor room accessible by wheelchair and walking aids either at our offices in Huntingdon or in Godmanchester Baptist Church where disabled parking facilities are also available at most times.

Can I bring someone with me for support or to help me?2018-07-26T15:48:05+01:00

We are happy for you to bring along anyone you trust. This is your appointment and we will do whatever we can do to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

Do you do drop in appointments?2018-07-26T15:48:30+01:00

No all our meetings are by appointment only. Each meeting takes quite a lot of preparation and time during the meeting so it is not possible to provide a drop in service.

Can you help with PIP applications?2018-07-26T15:49:43+01:00

We are sorry we cannot help with any claims, our sole remit is to advise about debt problems.

How does it work?2018-06-05T17:08:49+01:00

Our fully trained advisers will see you at our office or in a convenient place and discuss your problems. We take details of any income, expenditure and debts then produce a budget  prioritising essentials like food, rent, heating etc. We can approach creditors on your behalf and negotiate with them.  We can offer a range of help, including debt repayment plans and insolvency options, such as Debt Relief Orders. We can also offer 1:1 budgeting help and support.

Can you see me at home?2018-06-05T17:09:02+01:00

We like to see clients in our office at 83A High Street Huntingdon though we can also see clients in a private room at Godmanchester Baptist Church or other venues if appropriate. We can see clients at home if there are extenuating circumstances but we may have to bring a befriender if a male adviser is seeing a female client on their own.

As a Christian organisation do you see non-Christians?2018-06-05T17:09:09+01:00

Yes we treat everyone equally and do not discriminate on any level, gender, religion, disability or in any other way. Our Equal opportunities policy is available for viewing on this website.

Will you preach to us?2018-06-05T17:09:16+01:00

No, we believe we show the love of Christ though our actions and not through words. We will pray with people if they ask us to but only on request though we include all our clients in our private prayers.

Can you pay off some of my debts?2018-06-05T17:09:22+01:00

No, we do not give clients any money, we help you sort out your resources and may get some of your debts postponed or even written off. We may be able to give you a foodbank voucher but we have no money to pay debts or to give to clients in any circumstances.

What if I have business debts?2018-06-05T17:09:28+01:00

Unfortunately we are unable to help with business debts and so if you need help, we recommend that you call Business Debtline on 0800 197 6026

What are we not able to do?2018-07-26T15:44:32+01:00

We can’t lend you money, pay your debts for you or provide advice on investments, pensions or mortgages.

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